About Us

Mission Statement

JIS Vision

Prepare our children for their future through excellence in education.


JIS Mission

To provide a positive and safe learning environment for our students to reach their full academic potential.


JIS Beliefs

  • All children deserve an opportunity to learn in a safe and loving environment.
  • Every child deserves the best possible education that leads to their success.
  • Every child deserves someone who believes in them and will do what every it takes to see them succeed.
  • All children deserve an equitable education no matter the circumstance.

About the School

Jemison Intermediate School is located in Jemison, Alabama, and is part of the Chilton County School System. We are a Title I School and the second of four Jemison schools serving 4th through 6th grades. Jemison Intermediate School formerly housed Jemison Middle School until 2017 when the seventh grade was moved to the new middle school campus along with Jemison High School. JIS offers a quality education to all its students in a safe and supportive environment.